Juicy Tips for Better Sex

It is no doubt that sex, plays a major part in maintaining a healthy and long lasting relationship. Many researches and surveys conducted over the years have concluded that one of the main keys to a happy and fulfilling relationship is great sexual experience.

Yet, many people are having problem enjoying sex with their partners. There are many reasons for this problem. The more common ones are psychological, cultural, early childhood experience and so forth.

The good news is, for so long as the individual or couple realise that sex is the number one killer or saver to their relationship and they are willing to change, there are thousands of tips available in books, magazines, internet and sex video for better sex.

Experimenting on these better sex tips allow you to have a pleasurable experience during the sexual act. They also give you the confidence to orchestra and enjoy the sexual experience with your partner.

The internet is also turning out to be a major source where couples look for tips for better sex. I have outlined below some of the juicy tips for better sex.

The first tip is to take the initiative. Taking the initiative will break the ice between the couple and also excite the opposite partner. Always be on the look out for adding novelties to your sex life.

Sex does not need to be performed in the bedroom only. It can be done in the basement or under the stairs or just about anywhere you wish. Some examples are, in the car, on the beach. The ideal location is only limited by your own imagination.

Create a sexy mood and the right kind of environment for having sex. For example, you can pull down the colorful curtains and light candles in the bedroom. You can also go for scented candles. Playing soft music in the background would also add spice to the sexual environment that you want to create.

Having sex in the bath can prove to be a totally different experience. It sure builds up the overall excitement. In case of using the vibrator, ask your partner to user it in you instead of using the vibrator solo. Try choosing the vibrator and sex toys with your partners, this will help building up his or her anticipation.

Try out newer positions to have sex. This will again lead to more excitement and add a lot of spice in the whole sexual act. Ask your partner to do different things on you and tell him / her which things turn you on. Repeat the act if you both like it very much.

Sex is a pleasurable activity that does not have time limits. Sex ends when both the partners are completely satisfied after the act. Sex is not a duty that should be completed in a fixed period of time.

You should try different types of stimulations on your partner every time you both have sex. Try to masturbate your partner instead of letting him or her do the act on his / her own.

At the end of the day, let your imagination run wild, do whatever is necessary to arouse yours and your partner’s sex drive and enjoy the experience.

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